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Choosing the right classes depends greatly on your specific personal needs & goals.  With the wide range of training we offer, pricing & scheduling will vary greatly from person to person.   As with any martial arts school, group classes will be the cheapest way to go, but may not train to your specific goals like a private class would where you can direct what it is you want to learn and/or excel in.  We offer discounts on group/private combinations, multiple private classes, etc.  Your training will advance much faster in privates than in groups, so as stated before, it really depends on your goals.  Below, we have listed some of the basic options available…


Adult Group Classes (1-2 per week)$60/month
1 Private (per week) & Unlimited Group Classes$120/month
Basic & Advanced Self Defense (Coed) using techniques taken from various different martial arts.

Adult Private Classes with Sifu$40/hour : or 10 for $325
Adult Private Classes with assistant instructor$30/hour : or 10 for $250
Privates can be any training you want, from basic self defense, to specific arts like Jeet Kune Do, Jiu Jitsu, Kali, Eskrima, etc.

Navy Seal Team R.A.T. Program – click for more info
 day seminar (6-8 hrs per day) R.A.T. (Rapid Assault Tactics) hand to hand combat training w/certification.  Learn to win any street fight in 2 days!

Women’s Defense Seminars – click for more info
Designed for a group of women to learn essential self defense in just a couple hours, without a lot of complicated techniques to memorize.  Age & physical condition is irrelevant for this class.