Rob is Tiger Bear’s senior instructor with 6 years of private training under Sifu Risner.  He had never taken a martial arts class until the age of 42 which proves it’s never too late to start investing in your own self defense.

Within his Jeet Kune Do ranking (now at phase IV), he is trained and certified in the R.A.T. (Rapid Assault Tactics) program which is taught to the US Navy Seals as well as FBI, CIA, DEA field agents for hand to hand combat tactics.  His credentials also include a 2 day training workshop with Guro Dan Inosanto in Portland OR.

“Not having decades of experience behind me, I know very well what it’s like to be the newbie.  I think this helps me be a better teacher to other men and women who are learning martial arts and self defense for the first time.” -Rob