Tiger Bear Self Defense is a school designed for people who want to learn practical street self defense without the “fluff” of learning useless forms and obtaining belts. You will learn how to defend yourself and win a fight if you are ever put into that situation. From your first day of training, you will start collecting tools that can be used in any hand-to-hand combat scenario. This training could potentially save your life and/or a family members life,,, what kind of price can you put on that?

Many people these days are carrying personal protection, (pepper spray, guns, etc),,, These things are great for self protection, but do you NO good when they are not in your hand at the time of a confrontation, which can rarely be predicted. We will teach you the skills you need to create the space and time (even if only a few seconds) away from your attacker to be able to get to your weapon and do whatever is needed to eliminate the threat, or just get away.

Please visit the “Classes” page for more info about the training options available to you.