Women’s Self Defense has become our specialty. Our powerful seminar for women is second to none.  We have a program that is easy to learn, doesn’t require lots of practice/training, and is designed for ANY fitness level!  Our program is divided into 2 parts, Phase I & Phase II.

We have mostly male instructors that are very sensitive to making sure all women in the class are not put into uncomfortable situations during the seminars.  Most of the techniques you learn will be practiced on pads, or other female students.  We encourage students to train with instructors, but only if they are comfortable in doing so.  The basis of  the art that we teach is “Wing Chun”, this martial art was developed by a woman!

This is not boot camp,  if you get tired during the class, step away and take a break.  We all know our own limits and there is no reason to feel “pushed” to a point that is dangerous or uncomfortable.

Finally, HAVE FUN!  As instructors, we like to keep things light and a little goofy.  We are very passionate about what we do, but also enjoy sharing our knowledge of this delicate subject without being too serious or formal.

What you can expect in Phase I:

  • Introductions & credentials of your instructors
  • A short speech regarding common sense safety measures
  • Brief stretching to loosen muscles and joints
  • Demonstration, teaching, and practice of a basic fighting stance that will allow you optimal balance in a combat situation,,, this is key to everything else you will learn
  • Demonstration, teaching, and practice of various defensive techniques (escapes from holds, chokes, etc) as well as various offensive techniques (i.e. striking, kicking).
  • Q & A with the class to see if there is any particular technique or scenerio they want to address, or run through again.


About Phase II:

In Phase II,,, it is a little different from class to class depending on the students.  We will spend a little time reviewing some things from Phase I, then we will get into more advanced techniques and scenarios like: Fighting on the ground (Jui Jitsu), Kicking (Muay Thai), Tips on how to turn ANYTHING into a weapon.  And finally some SAFE life-like sparring with a “thug” (an instructor, of course, lol).  Thug sparring is completely optional but is great to test your skills in a super safe, comfortable environment.

When you complete both phases, you will receive a certificate of signed by your instructors that shows you have the skills required to accurately defend yourself.  Once you have your certificate.  You can come to any Tiger Bear women’s seminar for free to review your skills and maybe even help the newer students with the techniques you have mastered!

Call Rob at 208-602-5479 for pricing options!